Cavalier Club is OPEN with the necessary guidelines in the club which include:


  • Limit group size in the main room to 10 people. We have marked out on the floor where 10 chairs are to be spaced 10 feet apart.
  • The breakout rooms can each have an additional  3 people in them. So the total number allowed is 19 people in the entire club.
  • Each group will sanitize surfaces, door handles, and countertops with wipes provided by the club before and after each meeting 
  • Don’t bring in any food or drink to be shared. The coffee makers have been removed.
  • Wear a mask.
  • If you are sick or have been exposed to sick people, please stay home.
  • We also encourage all those in high-risk groups to stay home as well.
  • Each group will designate a person(s) to implement these measures for the safety of all. 

Cavalier Club West Alano

Meeting Schedule


  • 10:00 am AA Big Book OPEN MIXED
  • 11:15 am ACA Big Red Book OPEN MIXED
  • 1:00 pm AA Mainstreeters OPEN MIXED
  • 8:00 pm AA Step/Tradition OPEN MIXED


  • 10:00 am AA Big Book OPEN WOMEN
  • Noon AA Mainstreeters OPEN MIXED
  • 8:00 pm AA CLOSED MIXED


  • 11:00 am AA Steps & Open Topic OPEN MIXED
  • Noon AA Mainstreeters OPEN MIXED
  • 6:00 pm ACA Big Red Book OPEN MIXED
  • 8:00 pm Al-anon OPEN MIXED


  • Noon AA Mainstreeters OPEN MIXED
  • 7:30 pm AA Rule 62 Step/Tradition CLOSED MIXED


  • 11:00 am AA Steps & Open Topic OPEN MIXED
  • Noon AA Mainstreeters OPEN MIXED
  • 6:00 pm AA Big Book OPEN MIXED
  • 8:00 pm AA Step/Tradition CLOSED MEN


  • 10:00 am AA Sisters Shoulder to Shoulder OPEN WOMEN
  • Noon AA Mainstreeters OPEN MIXED
  • 8:00 pm AA Friday Night Friends Topics OPEN MIXED


  • 9:00 am Cavalier Club Steering Meeting (1st Saturday of the month)
  • 10:30 am ACA Intergroup OPEN MIXED (2nd & 3rd Saturdays)
  • Noon AA Mainstreeters OPEN MIXED
  • 8:00 pm AA Steps/Traditions OPEN MIXED (1st Saturday of the month is a speaker with a potluck starting at 6:30 pm)

7179 Washington Ave S, Edina, MN 55439
Cavalier Club is located on the corner of Valley View and HWY 169. in Edina. Plenty of free parking!

How we came to be:

A group of “2218” regulars decided to form a new Alano Club in 1976.  There were four or five in particular who started this Alano.  The names we know are:  Pat K., David P., Sandy P., and Marge Reed.  In speaking to the one remaining member, David P., he said Marge reed was definitely the ringleader of the move.

At that time, the Biltmore Hotel on Vernon Street in Edina had a restaurant that was managed by a friend of AA and an agreement was reached for the newly formed Alano to rent a couple of conference rooms at an acceptable rate.

By the end of 1976, a Board of Directors for the Alano had been appointed, and a set of by-laws were approved by the board.  The original by-laws were signed by Bryon S. and Mary S.